comedy at the expense of others

One of my favourite comedic actors is Will Ferrell. I love Anchorman and Step Brothers and The Other Guys and basically any movie he’s ever been in. He’s just my kind of comedian. When I saw a recent clip of him on Conan talking about how upset he was that Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson, I was laughing so hard I had tears. If you check it out, I think you’ll agree:

I had a much better quality copy of this video before it was removed and this may be removed by the user after publishing.
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rebecca black’s new song

The girl responsible for lyrics “we we we so excited”, 14-year-old YouTube sensation Rebecca Black, has just released her third video “Person of Interest“.

Unfortunately, Rebecca’s lyrics haven’t gotten any better since Friday and My Moment. My favourite has to be the opening:
“When I talk, you listen, I like that
You smile when you listen and I like that
You keep on looking at me like
And I like that”.

Check it out:

kim’s fairytale divorce

This morning E! was replaying “Kim’s Fairytale Wedding” for what seems to be the thousandth time. To me, watching it is like watching “Newlyweds” – I keep looking to see what went wrong, to see if I could see the cracks.

This isn’t about Kim and the fact that she filed for divorce after 72 days. I don’t want to comment on this because I obviously don’t know all the details. Read More