book review: mr chen’s emporium by deborah o’brien

I love historical fiction. There is something about them that draws me in. I love to read someone’s interpretation of the past and wonder how accurate it is to what life was really like. I have also been fascinated by the Gold Rush for years, I’ve often credited having to write a research assignment on the gold rush when I was in year 6 as the time when I knew I wanted to be a writer.

With this as my basis, I simply adored “Mr Chen’s Emporium”, debut novel by Australian author Deborah O’Brien whose tagline “Two women. One Gold Rush town. Then and now…” succinctly tells the reader what to expect. Set in the fictional town of Millbrooke, rural New South Wales in the 1870s (then) and in the present day (now), we are treated to two separate but beautifully intertwined stories. Read More


against the violence, not the people

Signs like this will only make things worse

I want to start this post by apologising for my long absence from musings. I’ve been flat out with full time work, writing for KiKi & Tea and have been distracted by a very special new man in my life. I’ve been meaning to write and then something (usually sleep) beckons and unfortunately musings has fallen by the wayside. My apologies and I’ll try my best to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

So what was it that brought me out of silence? I felt prompted to post something about the riots that happened in Sydney over the weekend. Before you click away, this post is not about condemning Islam and Muslims. It will condemn the actions of a few but the underlying message of what I am trying to say is that the actions of a few do not speak for the majority. Read More