the twilight saga: breaking dawn part one review

This is it, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. This is the moment when Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) and Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) say “I Do”. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part One showcases what I am calling the third Wedding of The Year (behind the Royal Wedding and the now infamous Kardashian wedding).

Twi-hards across the world have been waiting for this since the first book in the series was released back in 2005 (boy those six years have gone by quickly). Twilight has “done a Harry Potter” and divided the final book in the series into two parts, planning to release them 12 months apart. Read More


what is appropriate discipline?

There has been a lot of debate happening on the Internet over the past few weeks due to the ABC1 eight part mini series The Slap, based on the novel of the same name by Melbourne author Christos Tsiolkas.

For those unfamiliar, the story starts at a barbecue in suburban Melbourne where a man slaps a three year old boy that is not his own. What ensues is a court case which divides family and friends. It’s an intriguing book (albeit with a lot more swearing and vulgarity than is really necessary) which poses the question: is it OK to hit someone else’s child if you see them doing the wrong thing? Read More

why i love nicholas sparks

People who know me know that there are four things I love: anything to do with Harry Potter (especially Sirius Black), Dave Grohl and the rest of the Foo Fighters, Mia Freedman and Nicholas Sparks.

On Friday 4th November this year, I was lucky enough to meet Nicholas Sparks (cue the ‘OMGs’). This was possibly the best day of my life. It’s been nearly a month and I still smile when I think about the fact that I met my writing idol. Read More

archive: expiry dates, tv shows should have them too

There are times where I find myself wishing that television shows had an expiry date, a best before sticker which would cause them to end before the crap started. Unfortunately, no such thing exists. The same goes for movies, there are only so many times one can create a new Police Academy film. Television shows going past their expiry date have been on my mind recently with the newly released Two and a Half Men. Read More

book review: cleo by helen brown

I came across Cleo completely by accident. When Borders went into voluntary administration and my beloved two-storey store at Kotara was closing down, I made a few visits to stock up.

For me, the cover of a book is vital in making me pick it up, especially when I haven’t heard of it before.

So when I saw the most adorable black kitten staring up at me from the cover of Cleo – I had to buy it. Read More

archive: gaddafi, you will not be missed

This year, as a world, we have mourned the loss of many (Steve Jobs and Elizabeth Taylor, to name a few). But we’ve also celebrated upon news of death, twice. Once, on 2nd May when US forces were able to capture and kill terrorist Osama bin Laden. America, more than anywhere else, celebrated well into the night. A collective sense of relief occurred.

The second time was last week, 20th October, when NTC forces were able to locate Muammar Gaddafi, capture and kill him. A collective sigh of relief swept across Libya and the rest of the world. After 42 years of a soul-crushing dictatorship, Libya is finally free. Read More

harry jenkins resigns as speaker

Today signifies the final sitting of Federal Parliament for the year. It also signifies the day that Harry Jenkins resigned as Speaker of the House of Representatives.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported:

Harry Jenkins has resigned as Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Mr Jenkins told parliament this morning that he had become progressively frustrated at the stricture of minority government.

“My desire is to be able to participate in policy and parliamentary debate, and this would be incompatible with continuing in the role of Speaker,” he said. Read More