this is about william, catherine and their little prince

The beaming new parents

The beaming new parents

The whole world (well not the whole world, but a lot of people) have royal baby fever. Today, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge left the hospital with their newborn little prince and he is gorgeous. Absolutely beautiful. And William and Kate are beaming just like any first time parents. They look so lovely and happy and so they should, it is a happy occasion.

But there’s something that bothers me a little every time something good happens for William — people will inevitably bring up Diana. Read More


book review: all the birds singing by evie wyld

This book was sent to me by Random House Australia. I have been asked to write a review and my review is truthful to my opinion of the book.

all the birds singing

From the press release:

Who or what is watching Jake Whyte from the woods?

“The human eye senses movement before all else” — What if you saw something watching you from the woods? Something beastly, something that had been slaughtering your sheep, one-by-one? Something that might not be human…

Jake Whyte lives on her farm with her companion, Dog, and her much-loved herd of sheep. Her farm is on a small, remote island, nothing unsual except for the wild and windy weather and the cheeky crows that watch over her each day.

Nothing seems out of the ordinary until another one of Jake’s sheep is found mangled, making it two deaths in a month. Then one night, Jake sees a figure on her farm and files a trespassing report with the police. Ironically they dismiss the complaint and suggest the loneliness is getting to her.

But when she starts hearing strange noises and seeing things out in the woods, she is convinced that someone, or something, is watching her. Read More