review: what to expect when you’re expecting

Let me start this off by saying I don’t have children. I have never been pregnant, nor do I have any experience in adoption. I have not read the self-help baby-book “What To Expect When You’re Expecting” that this movie was based on. OK, now we can get started. I was lucky enough to go to an advanced screening of What To Expect When You’re Expecting last night (and by advanced, the movie comes out today) when my lovely best friend won free tickets. Gotta love a free movie night.

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recipe: creamy chicken korma

Let me start this by saying that of all the things I have made these past few months, I am probably the most proud of this one. It hasn’t been my favourite (I’m still loving Nigella’s Spanish chicken), but don’t worry, it is delicious. I’m just so proud of the fact that I made a curry FROM SCRATCH. That’s right, no curry from a jar for this domestic goddess. I got this recipe from The Australian Women’s Weekly 1000 Best Ever Recipes book that one of my lovely aunties bought me for Christmas a few years ago. I’m proud to present, Creamy Chicken Korma. Read More

the low down according to mon – may 25

This post is kind of a big deal because it marks the 100th post on “the musings of monique”. Get excited people! This lovely little blog has only been going for six months and considering it’s just me posting blogs, I’m pretty impressed that I’ve reached 100 posts already, so thanks to all my loyal readers out there, I couldn’t do it without you all! Now for “the low down according to mon”, I’ve made a few changes, which I’m sure you’ll love. I’ve broken the news down into categories to make it easier for you to find. Remember to head over to KiKi & Tea at 4pm for the highlights version. The following was accurate when posted at 10AM (AEST)… Read More

recipe: ham, tomato and spinach macaroni cheese

Two weeks in a row I’ve gone without Nigella and it’s starting to feel weird now, but I’ve been loving the food I’ve tried. One of my favourite food magazine’s is Super Food Ideas for which I bought my Dad a subscription for Father’s Day (I’m so smart). Every time a new issue arrives, I pour over it and pick out all the food I want to make (usually the dessert themed foods) but then I make only one. So this is my one: Ham, Tomato and Spinach Macaroni CheeseRead More

2012 teen choice awards full list of nominees

It’s time again for the FOX Teen Choice Awards where everything gets celebrated: movies, television (reality, contest, drama, comedy and sci fi), sport, fashion, books, comedians. Set to broadcast on 22 July, the Teen Choice Awards are voted for by teens (which it pretty self explanatory, really). Now only teenagers can vote, so if you are a teenager or don’t mind lying about your age, head on over to the official website to decided who gets to take home the surfboards!  Read More

the low down according to mon – may 18

Hey y’all (I’m feeling all Southern after watching heaps of Friday Night Lights) and welcome to “the low down according to mon”. I hope you’ve been enjoying having most of your celeb news in one convenient location. As usual, this week has been heavy on the news and remember to head over to KiKi & Tea for the highlights edition at 4pm today (May 18)! To kick us off, we have some legal news (accurate when posted at 10AM EST) Read More

a sort of book review

I’ve been a lover of Kerri Sackville for quite a while. I love reading her contributions to popular website, Mamamia, as well as her excellent blog, Life and Other Crises. I also adore her on Twitter. We both share an addiction to the social media website and I think the fact that we share some common ground has made me like her even more. Simply content to read her blogs, tweets and the freelance work she does, I decided it was time to read her book When My Husband Does The Dishes. Read More