All content produced on “the musings of monique” is written by Monique (me) unless stated otherwise. For the most part, it will have been published on here first (with the exception of articles published on KiKi & Tea first, where I will state this is the case) There will be links back to original articles and the bits of text used will be highlighted.

You are more than welcome to reference something I have said on your own blog/website by referencing me, my blog and using inverted commas or highlighting the text you have taken from me.

I will not allow, under any circumstances, someone to take my posts, word for word, and then reproduce them on their own website as their own. This is dishonest, plagiarism and it is a breach of copyright, as all posts published on “the musings of monique” belong to me and no one else.

If I find out you have taken my words and taken credit for them, I will do everything within my power to make sure you take the post down, or I will make it publicly known that you steal your material.

I know this sounds angry and extreme, but having experienced this before, I thought it would be best to have, in no uncertain terms on my website, that you absolutely cannot steal my material.


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