beauty is in the eye of the needle

Back when all the cast members were fresh faced

One of the few things I actually enjoy about being unemployed is the fact that I get to watch trashy TV and not feel bad about it. I don’t have any assignments to do and I don’t have a job to go to so I can satisfy my trashy TV cravings as much as I want (I try to look for silver linings). Over the past few weeks, MTV has been airing back-to-back episodes (from the beginning) from 12-4pm on weekdays of Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County and its spin-off series, The Hills. It’s been fun to go back and watch it all again and watch the whole Heidi/Spencer/Lauren saga play out. It also got me thinking about Heidi’s face. Read More


how good are the final farewells?

TV Shows final farewell

Last week, I said goodbye to a television show that has been in my light for the past nine years, One Tree Hill. I recapped my favourite moments from the series before watching the finale. I waited a week before I published my thoughts on the finale as I didn’t want to ruin it for those who had yet to watch. So if you don’t want to read about the finale STOP READING NOW. But I also share thoughts on other television show finales, so if you’re interested in that, by all means, keep reading. Read More

farewell one tree hill

From this..

...To this

It’s the end of an era. It’s time to say goodbye to One Tree Hill after nine seasons, 187 episodes, two television networks and six different time slots. One Tree Hill premiered in September 2003, right around my 13th birthday and I quickly fell in love with the show. My life was pretty intense when the show aired and I used it, along with The O.C., as a form of escapism; I would immerse myself in their storylines to distract myself from my not so happy situation.

And a love affair was born. Read More

18th annual screen actors guild (SAG) awards wrap up (2012)

The 18th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards were held at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles on 29th January 2012. Unlike most award ceremonies, the SAG Awards don’t have a host, just a slew of famous presenters.

The ceremony opened with the now expected “How I Became An Actor” monologues, with Jon Cryer, Demian Bichir, Emily Watson, Amber Riley, Jim Parsons and Rose Byrne. The Help was the big winner of the night, taking home every award for which it was nominated. Read More

archive: i’m no masterchef

I’ve been home in Newcastle for a few weeks during uni holidays (I study Journalism at Charles Sturt University Bathurst) and during that time, I’ve been watching quite a lot of the Food Channel on Foxtel with my Dad. Our favourites are Ace of Cakes, Cake Boss, Nigella Bites and Donna Hay Fast, Fresh and Simple (even though she showed a chicken schnitzel recipe where she only crumbed ONE SIDE of the chicken breast!! I know, right!).

I’ve always been a massive ‘eatie’ – not to be confused with a ‘foodie’. I LOVE to eat and graze and love most food in general (with the main exceptions of most seafood and eggplant). But I’m not all about fancy food (like a foodie), I’m about yum food, even if that means something as simple as spaghetti, olive oil and parmesean cheese. Read More

archive: expiry dates, tv shows should have them too

There are times where I find myself wishing that television shows had an expiry date, a best before sticker which would cause them to end before the crap started. Unfortunately, no such thing exists. The same goes for movies, there are only so many times one can create a new Police Academy film. Television shows going past their expiry date have been on my mind recently with the newly released Two and a Half Men. Read More

why i didn’t like the matthew newton interview

UPDATE: There has been quite a stir over at Mamamia about this after Meshel Laurie posted this article (read it here). Many commenter’s seem to be hung up on the fact that he didn’t use his “opportunity” to apologise for his actions and that he acts as though he has done nothing wrong. Matthew actually said “It’s intolerable to harm a woman, it’s intolerable to harm your friends, it’s intolerable to harm yourself and I’ve done all those things”. While he never specifically came out with the words “I’m sorry”, it appears to me that he is VERY aware that what he did was wrong and here he is, admitting that he has done these things and that they are, in his words, intolerable. Now if you ask me, that is taking responsibility for his actions and admitting that he was at fault. I’ve said countless times below HE DOES NOT NEED TO APOLOGISE TO THE PUBLIC. He owes us nothing and I don’t understand why people feel that he does!

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the downside of reality tv

Last night, by pure chance, I ended up watching the 1999 film classic EDtv. For those unfamiliar with this film, here’s a brief overview:

TV Network, True TV, wants a new idea for a television show and producer Cynthia (Ellen DeGeneres) comes up with the idea to find the “average American” and have them filmed 24/7 and streamed live on television. It’s like the “original” look at a reality television show, with the except of The Truman Show. When the network started doing open auditions, brothers Ed (Matthew McConaughey) and Ray (Woody Harrelson) Pekurny make an impression on Cynthia, except the main interest is Ed. They soon start filming EDtv, which appears on the air 24/7 and while the first few days are a flop, things start to get interesting on day 3. Read More