about the muser

Thanks for coming to visit!

My name is Monique and I’m in my early-mid twenties. I’m married to a wonderful man who happens to be an amazing musician and we have a beautiful mini-lop rabbit, Albus Dumbledore more affectionately known as Albie.

I have a journalism degree from CSU and I currently work as a communications specialist at a non-for-profit organisation. I’m an editor at the amazing KiKi & Tea which I adore. While initially I loved print media, the online world has captured my heart and I love the currency of it. But I simultaneously hate that currency. Walking contradiction right here.

I originally started the musings of monique when I was a recent university graduate and had ample time at my fingertips. As you all know, life gets busy and the maintenance of this blog has fallen by the wayside.

It is my goal to re-invest in my first blogging love and have new content available at least semi-regularly.

My ultimate life goal is to be a published novelist and it is my hope that this will happen some day. I would also love to be a book editor. My interest in the publishing world can be seen through my review of Random House Australia books which I hope to pick up again soon.

While I pride myself on being consistent, this blog is anything but that. But if you stick around for a while, I promise it will be worth your while.


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