84th annual academy awards wrap up

This was Crystal's ninth time hosting the Oscars

Hosting the 84th Annual Academy Awards (more affectionately known as The Oscars) held at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles was Billy Crystal, who has hosted the Academy Awards nine times since 1990, who was filling in for Eddie Murphy.

The opening montage paid tribute to nominated films, The Artist, The Descendants, Moneyball, Midnight In Paris, The Help, Bridesmaids, Hugo, The Adventures Of Tin Tin with various clips of other films being played was fantastic. Billy Crystal also impressed with his humourous song, introducing the nominees for best film. You can watch the opening montage here. Read More


#ff: the notebook of love

While this is traditionally done on Twitter and not through a blog post, this particular Twitter account deserves more than 140 characters to express how amazing it really is. Not to be confused with The Notebook (which also has a Twitter account), The Notebook Of Love is one of my favourite follows. Read More

the vow review

To set the record straight, this is not a Nicholas Sparks film. I know, it seems like it should be, but it isn’t. It is, however, inspired by true events. The Vow follows the story of Paige (Rachel McAdams) and Leo (Channing Tatum), whose lives dramatically change after a car accident leaves Paige with no memory of the last five years of her life and subsequently no memory of Leo, her husband. (I understand why many think this is a Nicholas Sparks film). Read More

dear valentines day

Dear Valentines Day,

We’ve been friends for quite some time now and I must say, we’ve had a pretty good run. I’ve had four lovely Valentines Day’s while in relationships and just as many as a happy single.

But this year, I’m not sure I really like you. I’m sure I will next year but I’m ending the friendship for this year. Read More

54th annual grammy awards

The 54th Annual Grammy Awards, hosted by LL Cool J just happened to air the day after music legend Whitney Houston sadly died at the young age of 48. After the opening act, LL started with “there has been a death in the family” followed by a pray for the late Whitney. The audience was then treated to a clip of Whitney singing “I Will Always Love You” at a past Grammys ceremony that achieved a standing ovation. Read More

the descendants review

Anybody’s life would be turned upside down when they find out the coma their partner is currently in is permanent, so it’s no surprise that life becomes that little bit harder when they discover the person lying motionless in that hospital bed is not a person they recognise any more.

This is the fate that Matt King (George Clooney) faces in The Descendants. Read More