wedding planning: choosing a venue

Our church doesn't look like this, but it's the right place for us

Our church doesn’t look like this, but it’s the right place for us

There are so many aspects to wedding planning and I’ve already covered setting a date and setting a budget. The next thing on the very long to-do list is to choose a venue. This is a tricky one because it can help to set the tone for what your wedding day will look like.

Just like with my budget piece, I will not be telling you exactly where we have selected because while I don’t mind telling the people I personally know, I don’t want strangers to know the date and place of where DG and I will become man and wife. In light of this, you’re probably thinking “what’s the point of writing a blog post about it”, but I’ll be sharing with you how DG and I came to choose the places* we have.

*By places, we have chosen separate venues for the ceremony and for the reception.

Though the state of my room would say otherwise, I like to be organised. I like to have a plan. Because of this, having an outdoor ceremony just wasn’t an option. While they are absolutely beautiful and deep down, I don’t think I would mind, there are too many variables. What if it rains? What if it’s super windy? What if it’s really hot that I get a little sunburnt (which is likely to happen to me)? What if I’m squinting through my vows because it’s so bright? I don’t want to need a Plan B, I only wanted to have Plan A. For the sake of his sanity as well as mine, DG agreed.

As we are both Christian, a church ceremony makes sense and is something we both agreed on rather easily. After thinking about the possibility of finding a really churchy-looking-church (and discovering that my future husband finds them to be a little bit creepy), we decided to get married in the church we call home.

While it’s not the prettiest of churches, it’s where I have gone with my family for many years, it’s where my sister got married and it’s also where DG and I met. There is nothing stopping me from going nuts with the decorating to make it a bit more wedding friendly. I must admit to spending a lot of Sunday’s looking around and thinking about all the different ways I could decorate. Luckily for me, DG does the same thing.

When it came to the reception venue, while we were open to looking at many places, there was really only one that we REALLY wanted. It’s on the beach, has big exposed windows and while not inexpensive (though we did receive a discount for getting married on a Friday) has a great menu and is the kind of place we were looking for.

As we had our first date at the beach and he asked me to marry him at the beach, DG and I thought it made sense to have part of our wedding at the beach. I had looked at this venue’s website and found as much information as I could and arranged a meeting which DG and I attended with my father. I had written down a whole bunch of questions that I wanted to ask and the coordinators at the venue were great and told us everything we needed to know.

While probably bad, we didn’t end up checking out anywhere else and after a weekend to think it over, we booked it for our wedding reception. My advice to those who are looking for locations is to go with somewhere that feels right for you. No matter how beautiful a place may be, if you can’t imagine celebrating your marriage there, I wouldn’t book it. Also look at what you can realistically afford. While this venue is slightly more than we were hoping to spend, DG and I couldn’t imagine getting married anywhere else so we are budgeting accordingly.

How did you decide where you held your wedding? 



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