2012 the year that has been


We all say it every year, but I still can’t believe that 2012 is coming to a close. It seems to have gone really quickly but then slowly at the same time, in the way that every year feels to go. 2012 has been a huge year for me and while I didn’t enjoy it to begin with, I’m extremely happy with the way that it’s ending.

In the beginning of 2012, I was heartbroken, unemployed and really lost. I had no idea what was going on in my life and how I had managed to get to where I was. I wasn’t a fun person to be around but I luckily had some friends who stood by me anyway. Just when I thought things couldn’t get worse, 1 July 2012 happened.

This was the day that I met DG. It was a Sunday and on the Thursday, I was FINALLY starting full time employment after finishing uni eight months prior and hundreds of job applications. When we came into the second half of this year, it was when my life started to improve dramatically.

2012 was the year that I started to believe in love at first sight because I had the privilege of experiencing it and luckily for me, it wasn’t one-sided. It was the year that I fell in love with someone truly incredible who makes me happy in so many different ways. It was the year I found my perfect match and realised, finally, why it had never worked with anyone else.

2012 was the year that I started working full time. While it took many long months to get there, I landed a job that I love, at an organisation I am proud to work for and with people that make life just that little bit better.

2012 was the year that I discovered the best chocolate in the world, Milky Bar Milk and Cookies, thanks to one of my amazing coworkers.

2012 was the year that I found my new favourite book, ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ by John Green. I have read the last few pages over and over again because I love it so much.

2012 was the year that I started writing for KiKi & Tea and have had the opportunity to work alongside amazing writers in an online community that I adore.

2012 was the year I was published on Mamamia, something I have dreamt of for years.

2012 was the year Random House gave me the opportunity to do something I love, review books for them.

2012 was the year that I gave into my love of Macs and bought an iPhone 4S, a 13-inch MacBook Pro and an iPad with Retina display. What can I say? I love Apple.

2012 was the year where I finally felt that I was starting to get my life together. I am working, writing, spending time with friends, falling in love and embarking on an incredible journey with someone I am lucky to love.

2012 was the year that I have started to feel more responsible and more like an adult. I’m not as messy as I used to be, I actually have savings while being calculated in my spending and I feel like I know where I’m going in life.

While it may have started terribly, 2012 has been one of the best years of my life and I can only hope that 2013 is just as good. I won’t be making resolutions this year, other than to follow T’s advice to Love Yourself. I’m going to bring in 2013 kissing the love of my life. Can’t ask for a better ending, can you?

How was your year? What do you hope to happen in 2013?


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