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There has been another fantastic milestone happen on “the musings of monique” this week as we have reached over 14,000 views! I’m so happy about this and wanted to thank you all for continuing to read my words, I appreciate it so much! It’s been a busy week in the celebrity world as usual and I have some really exciting new trailers to share with you! As always, for the highlights version, don’t forget to head on over to KiKi & Tea at 4pm. All of this information was accurate when posted at 10AM (AEST)…


After months of speculation Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis announced that they have separated after 14 years together. In a statement released by their reps “Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis have amicably separated. Please respect their privacy and, more importantly, the privacy of their children.” They have daughter Lily-Rose, 13 and son Jack, 10. Even though it was somewhat expected, I’m still really sad about this as I think they were such a lovely couple.


This week we got our first look at Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard‘s little cutie, Gloria Ray who is little sister to the couple’s eldest child, Ramona. Isn’t she gorgeous? They sure know how to make cute babies!

Hollywood must have had enough of girls as many celebs are announcing they are expecting boys or, like the gorgeous Molly Sims, have actually had boys! Molly and her husband Scott Stuber welcomed a baby boy this week who weighed just over 7 pounds, but no word on the name of the little guy, but I’ll keep you posted.

This week Vanessa and Nick Lachey and Giuliana and Bill Rancic have announced they are both expecting bouncing baby boys! Vanessa shared the happy news on her website saying “It’s a BOY. Nick and I are incredibly excited to share the news that we are expecting a baby boy. We can’t wait to meet him soon!!!” Giuliana and Bill announced the news at their baby shower and confirmed it on Twitter saying “Beyond excited to announce @BillRancic and I are having a…………BOY!!!!!!!”. I wrote about it yesterday, when I was talking about how many couples now reveal the gender of their baby. Congrats to the happy couples! Vanessa also has the cutest baby bump!


Known for her barely-there outfits, it was no surprise to anyone that Katy Perry wore a nude-bodysuit that left barely anything to the imagination at the MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto, that is, no one except Katy. She performed her new single, Wide Awake with huge butterfly wings attached, but felt a bit, shall we say, naked, when she went up to accept an award for Favourite International Artist. Without the butterfly wings. It shows on her face and body language how uncomfortable she is in this outfit. Would you have worn this?

Apart from being a lyrical genius, it appears that Adele is also magical. In April last year (2011) a seven-year-old girl, Charlotte, suffered a brain haemorrhage and her mother Leila credits the soul singer with her daughter’s remarkable recovery. Charlotte was unresponsive until Leila started singing her favourite song “Rolling In The Deep” when saying goodbye to her daughter and she smiled. Since then, she has shown incredible improvement. “Charlotte has been brilliant. She is so determined and brave. The doctors have stopped telling us what she should be able to do—because she has amazed them so much.”

Remember all that baby-drama surrounding Justin Bieber? At the time, he was legally not allowed to talk about it in interviews but he has revealed to Ryan Seacrest that the song Maria on his new album Believe, was inspired by Mariah Yeater, the girl claiming that Justin fathered her son.  “Every interview I was like, ‘I can’t really talk about it.’ So, to be able to actually talk about it on the album is really awesome. People didn’t forget about it, it was still headline news. So, to be able to talk about it and really say my side of the story and really just express myself, I feel like that was the best way to do it.”


Even though I’m not the biggest Angelina Jolie fan (have always been on Team Jen), you can’t deny that she is an incredible actress and I was so excited when I heard she would be playing Maleficent in the new Sleeping Beauty adaptation, Maleficent. I think she will absolutely nail the part. Despite the fact that it’s not set for release until March 14, 2014, the first official photos have been released and Ange looks amazing. The actresses has also donated $100,000 to Syrian refugees. I may be on Team Jen but Ange does great humanitarian work!

Forbes released it’s annual list of the highest earning actresses’ in 2012 and the number one spot on the list may come as a shock. Kristen Stewart topped the list, having racked in a whopping $34.5million this past year. But I can’t say I’m entirely surprised. Having worked on Breaking Dawn Part Two, Snow White and the Hunstman and indie film On The Road, she was sure to earn a decent amount of money. Also in the top ten was Cameron Diaz, Sandra Bullock, Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron, Julia Roberts, Sarah Jessica Parker, Meryl Streep, Kristen Wiig and Jennifer Aniston. You can check out the full list here. You can also check out Kristen and Chris Hemsworth at the Sydney premiere of their new movie Snow White and the Huntsman here. 

Check out the new The Dark Knight Rises trailer:

For all you Twilight fans out there, I have the brand new Breaking Dawn Part Two trailer for you right here:

Even though it isn’t going to be released for another year, how AWESOME is it that there is going to be a Monsters Inc prequel called Monsters University. The trailer looks so good:


This week, Jack Osbourne announced that he has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) at the age of 26. The diagnosis came just three weeks after his fiance Lisa Stelly gave birth to the couple’s first child, Pearl. In an interview with Hello! Magazine, Jack spoke of his initial reaction; “While I was waiting for the final results, I got really, really angry. Then I got really sad for about two days, and after that I realised, being angry and upset is not going to do anything at this point – if anything it’s only going to make it worse. ‘Adapt and overcome’ is my new motto.” He appeared on mum, Sharon Osbourne‘s show The Talk to speak about his illness and tried to assure everyone he was fine while explaining how unpredictable of a disease it is. “One minute you can be fine and the next, I went blind in my right eye. It’s a completely unpredictable disease.” Sending my best wishes to him and his family. I’ve written about MS before here.


No matter how much time passes, it will always be incredibly gross that Woody Allen married ex-girlfriend/partner Mia Farrow‘s adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn. Yes, I know Woody and Mia were never legally married, but it’s still really creepy. It turns out Mia and Woody’s son, Ronan Farrow, agrees with me. On Father’s Day, he tweeted “Happy father’s day— or as they call it in my family, happy brother-in-law’s day”. Love it.


It’s no secret that I love Ryan Gosling and OH MY GOODNESS this video is so freaking adorable! First 11-year-old Ryan is singing and then he’s busting a move with his sister. Thank God for the Internet and the fact that we now have access to this video!


As always, there is so much celebrity news that I can’t include it all otherwise you’d be reading for a week. If there’s anything you want to talk about, sound off in comments below!

Picture of Maggie
Picture of Katy

Picture of Angelina

Pictures in the banner found from here and here, editing changes made by Monique in Photoshop. 



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