dear valentines day

Dear Valentines Day,

We’ve been friends for quite some time now and I must say, we’ve had a pretty good run. I’ve had four lovely Valentines Day’s while in relationships and just as many as a happy single.

But this year, I’m not sure I really like you. I’m sure I will next year but I’m ending the friendship for this year.

This probably makes me a bitter single, but for now, I’m OK with that title, because that is exactly what I am.

What all this bitterness really means and is that me and most other single women are jealous. We can act all we want like we hate you, but really, we are just jealous because we don’t have that special someone to do something for us today.

We can rave all we want about how you are just commercialised and that we’d much prefer a romantic gesture on another day of the year, but what we really want is a romantic gesture of any kind.

I personally am really happy for all the couples out there today. I wish them all the happiness in the world and hope that they don’t put on too much pressure on each other to spend heaps. Instead, I hope you tell each other why you love each other and that you spend the day together, enjoying each others company.

But for now, Valentines Day, I’m not sure we can be friends. No hard feelings? Ok, good.

Your former friend,



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