what australia day is about

Happy Australia Day to all my lovely readers! Hope you all have fun celebrating this wonderful day. Me? I’m spending it writing and watching season five of One Tree Hill. But regardless of what you decide to do with your day, it is still a day worth celebrating.

A recent survey conducted by sociologist and anthropologist Professor Farida Fozdar, of the University of Western Australia, found a possible link between flying Australian flags on your car on Australia Day and racism. (You can read the full findings here). While I am sure quite a few Australians are racist, the majority are not.

I also know that flying the Australian flag whether on your car or not on Australia Day is not done to cause offence. I know that when people wear Australia Day clothing, it is not meant to upset anyone.

I dislike the fact that we are made to feel bad about celebrating Australia Day. I dislike that there is talk of changing it to Citizens Day. I dislike that on Independence Day in the US, everyone wears Stars and Stripes attire and is not accused of being offensive, racist or discriminating, but if we do the equivalent in Australia, we are.

Anyone who lives in Australia or used to has every right to celebrate Australia Day. I don’t care if you were born here or flew here. What I love about Australia is that we accept people into our country from all over the globe. Celebrate Australia Day with us is what I say. Wear Australia Day get up and celebrate a pretty amazing country.

Stop with the hate. Please. It is my Australia Day wish that we all just get along “like we used to in middle school…..”




  1. xxxMissVxxx · January 26, 2012

    “She Doesn’t Even Go Here!”
    I express the same sentiment as you, who cares where you came from. You’re here. that’s all that matters!

    Happy Australia Day Monique!
    I spent mine watching the cricket (forced to watch the cricket) and sunbaking!

    • moniquefischle · January 26, 2012

      Haha love it!

      Happy Australia Day to you as well! SO glad I didn’t have to watch cricket, I seriously dislike it!

  2. Jen · January 26, 2012

    Thanks for helping me feel less guilty this Australia Day 🙂

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