christmas movie #2: the holiday

Number two on my list is a fantastic movie and I think I’m yet to meet someone who has seen it and didn’t agree. OK, maybe they don’t love it, but they have never hated it. Even though it’s a Christmas movie, I could watch it all year round.

The Holiday (2006)

Here’s a brief plot overview:

Amanda (Cameron Diaz), who lives in Los Angeles has her own movie trailer cutting company and has been dating Ethan (Edward Burns), a movie composer, for a few years until he cheats on her because she is a workaholic and doesn’t make any time for him.

Iris (Kate Winslet), who lives in Surrey, England, writes the Wedding and Obituaries section of a newspaper and is in love with columnist Jasper (Rufus Sewell) who strings her on for years and announces his engagement to someone else at the work Christmas party.

Both unhappy with their lives, they decide they want to spend Christmas away from home and after chatting online, end up with a home share agreement, where Amanda will spend two weeks in Iris’s house in Surrey and Iris spending two weeks in Amanda’s house in L.A.

Throw in Miles (Jack Black), a film composer who works with Amanda’s ex boyfriend and Graham (Jude Law), Iris’s book editor brother and you have a perfect romantic combination.

I’m also incredibly in love with the music in this movie. Hans Zimmer is a musical genius and I bought the original score soundtrack because I love it so much.

I dare someone to watch this film and not love it.


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