the inbetweeners movie review

Briefcase Wanker and his friends are back.

After only a year off the small screen, The Inbetweeners made its silver screen follow up to the hilarious UK series that followed the lives of Will aka Briefcase Wanker (Simon Bird) and his friends Simon (Joe Thomas), Jay (James Buckley) and Neil (Blake Harrison).

It picks up a year after the last episode and in the last year Simon has been dating Carli (Emily Head) until she unexpectedly breaks up with him, Will finds out his Dad (Anthony Head) got remarried to a much younger woman and he wasn’t invited to the wedding, Neil has been working in a deli and has found himself a “bird”, and Jay was busy being Jay.

They’ve finished their A levels and then Jay’s grandfather dies and leaves him some money. With Will and Simon depressed and Neil and Jay looking for a good time, they all decide to go on holiday to Malia, Crete. What ensues is a hilarious holiday.

Unlike most TV show movies, The Inbetweeners just felt like a longer episode which is exactly the way it should be. While the film generally received bad reviews in Australia, I thought it was quite hilarious and was very in tune with the feel of the series.

Disclaimer though, there is a decent amount of full frontal nudity, along with some vomit and other excretions, just a warning.

Monique gives it 3 stars!

Here’s the official trailer:


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