archive: gaddafi, you will not be missed

This year, as a world, we have mourned the loss of many (Steve Jobs and Elizabeth Taylor, to name a few). But we’ve also celebrated upon news of death, twice. Once, on 2nd May when US forces were able to capture and kill terrorist Osama bin Laden. America, more than anywhere else, celebrated well into the night. A collective sense of relief occurred.

The second time was last week, 20th October, when NTC forces were able to locate Muammar Gaddafi, capture and kill him. A collective sigh of relief swept across Libya and the rest of the world. After 42 years of a soul-crushing dictatorship, Libya is finally free.

When people dance in the street at news of your death, it shows what kind of person you were. Gaddafi, if I may address you as such, you weren’t loved and adored, you weren’t even respected. You induced anger and hate among your fellow Libyans, those you claimed to serve. But you weren’t serving them; you were busy with your own agenda.

In the week following your death, people across your country lined up to view your body, so that they know, once and for all, that this is over. These people weren’t mourning, they were rejoicing. You have been buried in a secret location so shrines can’t pop up. Unbelievably, there are some in Libya who were saddened by your death.

It has been reported that you said to your captors “what have I ever done to you” and “do you know right from wrong”? It is clear, through your actions over the past 42 years that you did not know right from wrong. The fact that you had the audacity to ask “what have I ever done to you” is an insult to the millions of lives you destroyed.

Your family is now planning to file a war crimes case against NATO for its role in the attack of your convoy, which resulted in your subsequent capture and death at the hands of the Rebels who have fought for so long against you.

I don’t understand how your family has grounds to file a case when they, in conjunction with you, committed war crimes hand in hand with crimes against humanity. I disagree with the way you were killed, vulnerable; you were beaten, bloodied and shot. I dislike that this footage has been shown on the news across the world.

If it had of been up to me, you would have been tried before a court, on all the crimes you committed in your 42 years. I feel this would have been better closure for all the families affected negatively by you. You deserved your day in court. Like Saddam Hussein, it wouldn’t have been pretty; you would have been sentenced to death, properly punished for your crimes. Unfortunately, this did not happen, even though the outcome is the same.

As a horrible tyrant, do you even deserve basic human rights, when you denied them to so many of “your people”? It’s hard to say, but I will say this: Gaddafi, you won’t be missed.

Originally published 27th October 2011


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