everything you need to know: harry potter and the half-blood prince

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
With people now believing that Voldemort is back, things change at Hogwarts and there is tighter security. Harry starts getting private lessons with Dumbledore to look through Lord Voldemort’s past and with the help of new Potions teacher, Professor Slughorn, Harry and Dumbledore discover that Voldemort made seven Horcruxes (the final one residing in himself) to make him master of death. With Harry having destroyed the diary in his second year, and Dumbledore having destroyed a ring, there are only four left. Draco Malfoy has been given a mission from Lord Voldemort, which Professor Snape assists him in. Harry knows he’s up to something but Ron and Hermione think he’s overreacting. On his mission to kill Dumbledore, Malfoy accidently curses Gryffindor Katie Bell and poisons Ron Weasley. Ron starts dating Lavender Brown, which upsets Hermione and Harry starts to fall for Ginny and they kiss. Harry follows instructions from a potions book, scribbled in by the ‘half-blood prince’, who turns out to be Snape and after Harry and Dumbledore go off to find another Horcrux, Malfoy has been able to get Death Eaters inside Hogwarts and too afraid to do it himself, Snape kills Dumbledore. The Horcrux turns out to be a fake.

What the movie doesn’t tell you:
Fleur and Bill Weasley are engaged – they leave this out which makes the marriage between them in the next movie seem rushed. Harry starts to fall in love with Ginny and they start dating but break up at the end because Harry needs to go off and find the Horcruxes. During their time together, Dumbledore alludes to what the Horcruxes might be, as opposed to leaving Harry to figure it out for himself. Dumbledore also shows Harry more memories. They also leave out that Tonks has fallen in love with Lupin and that despite his protests that he is bad for her, they are together. There was a battle at Hogwarts when the Death Eaters came in. The book ends with Dumbledore’s funeral which was later removed from the film.


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