don’t judge gen y

A horrible story appeared on SkyNews last night about a four-year-old girl in the Gold Coast swallowing a tablet of hallucinogenic drug, LSD.

The Herald Sun reported:

POLICE have charged a Gold Coast mother whose four-year-old daughter was rushed to hospital after swallowing a hallucinogenic drug, believed to be LSD.

Ambulance officers responded to a call from the mother yesterday.

The child was taken from her Coombabah home to the Gold Coast Hospital, where doctors alerted police.

The 23-year-old mother told officers her daughter had swallowed a drug she believed to be LSD, although some media outlets – including Sky News – were reporting that the drug in question was ecstasy.

The girl was initially in critical condition, but was in a serious but stable condition this morning, police said.

You can read the full article here.

The mother is facing one charge of endangering a child by exposure and is set to appear in front of Southport Magistrates Court on November 29. She has been granted bail until then.

I felt many things when I first heard this story. First, I was horribly worried about the child and hoping that she was alright. Second, I was confused as to why there was a tablet of LSD just lying around the house for the kid to pick up in the first place. And last, I thought, ‘oh boy, people are going to start blaming Gen Y’.

Why did I think this last thought? Because that’s generally what happens any time a story like this emerges. “Gen Y, they’re all the same, stupid druggos” or “Gen Y really have no idea how to take care of children, they’re not mature enough”.

All I want to scream is ENOUGH!

Was this 23-year-old woman extremely stupid due to the fact that she not only had drugs in the house, but that they were within easy reach of a four-year-old? Of course she was. But does she represent the majority of Gen Y? Not even a little bit.

I’m starting to get really sick of people hating on Gen Y, and in all honesty, it’s a little bit hypocritical because who raised Gen Y? We certainly didn’t raise ourselves (or if we did, that just reflects badly on you, not us). It seems that I can barely look in a newspaper, magazine or online without seeing a story on how bad Gen Y is and I’ve had just about enough.

You can’t lump us all together and have the actions of the minority represent the majority, it’s unfair.

What happened to this little girl was absolutely horrible and shouldn’t have happened, but please don’t judge all of Gen Y after the actions of only a few.



  1. xxxMissVxxx · November 18, 2011

    completely agree! i’m over being looked down on because i’m Gen Y.
    I’m educated.
    I have manners,
    I have values and morals that probably sit in line with the majority of the population.
    I work.
    I pay taxes.
    So why do people still look down on me?
    Every generation no matter who it is, has bad seeds.
    Like you said… We’re not the ones who raised ourselves so if we’re so bad, maybe we need to start looking at parenting over the years and see what is now lacking!

  2. Jaye Gaff · November 18, 2011

    All great points. I’m Gen Y and a mum, I just turned 24, and it upsets me that people could even think that just because of my age I would do something just as stupid with my daughter. I’d love to be seen as a good mum but, sadly, when most people hear my age (I’m not even that young!) they immediately lump me in with people like this.

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